Scammers Using Free Fake Conference and a Fake Hotel

This post is about the free conference and travel offer fraud from and sites. This article is for you, if you received such email or are a victim of this scam.

Scammers are now getting a little more sophisticated and registering multiple fake websites to make a scam look real. Recently, one email is circulating from (Hon. Lady Justice Elizabeth Alividza) and telling that the recipient is selected to attend the Social Equality and Child Care Organization (SECCO) conference being held from November 25th to 30th 2019 at Golden William Dallas Hotel situated in Dallas Texas USA (not separated by comma). The email mentions to provide round-trip flight from attendee’s country to the USA. The attendee will be responsible to reserve a room at the Golden William Dallas Hotel. Here are the details of the two fraud sites:

SECCORGANIZATION (Social Equity and Child Care Organization) Details

  • Website:
  • Emails:;
  • Address (fake): 1799 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75201
  • Phone: +1 940 784 4796

Golden William Dallas Hotel Details

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address (fake): 1827 Wood St, Dallas, TX
  • Phone: +1 2143042914 or 214-304-2914

CDSBureau Investigation

CDSBureau investigation team found that the scammers are trying to get money through fake hotel booking and steal travel documents (like passports) and individual information. The SECCORGANIZATION and Golden William Dallas Hotel the both have address of parking lot in Dallas. On the hotel website the address is 1827 Wood St, Dallas, Texas where no Golden William Dallas Hotel‘ hotel exists. Both the phone numbers mentioned above are voice over IP (VOIP/internet) numbers that can ring anywhere in the world. On top of it, the hotel website has stolen pictures from various hotel sites including RitzCarlton. has stolen pictures from various websites including bebegroup. CDSBureau found that there is no such organization or hotel registered in USA.

Both of these domain names were registered on same day on July 19, 2019. The both sites are hosted at These domain names are privacy protected and their registrant names are not available.

CDSBureau would recommend not to fall for these scammers and stay away from them. Don’t provide any of your traveling documents. Don’t share credit cards or send money. And Don’t share any of your personal information.

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If you or anyone you know have been a victim of such scam, let us know to make others aware of their process and motives.

Hotel address location as shown by the google map:

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