Tax Refund Phishing Scam Emails – One of them Appears To Be Coming from HMRC

Multiple tax refund phishing emails are circulating over the web. Stay away from them and don’t open them unless you are sure. One of such phishing emails is listed below. See  Email handling recommended practices.

This is how a currently circulated tax refund phishing email looks like:

Email subject:  Refund payment confirmation.
Sender’s email
Name as it appears: refund-confirmation@HMRC.GoV.UK
Phishing link: http://wwwDOTqiabeipayDOTcom/models/ModelModel/Member_countModel/TagModels/cra6.htm
Note: Do not copy/paste and click on the above URL. It is provided only for information purposes. It’s . is replaced with DOT to avoid any accidental clicking.
EMAIL Text: 

Confirmation of your tax refund.

This is an automated email received from HMRC.
We want to notify you that HMRC has recalculate your last fiscal activity and have determined that you are eligible to receive a annual tax refund of 582.88 GBP. If you want to claim your tax refund now , you have to complete and submit a refund form with your personal information(actual phishing link: http://wwwDOTqiabeipayDOTcom/models/ModelModel/Member_countModel/TagModels/cra6.htm)

Please note that if you will not complete the refund form now , you will not be able to claim your tax refund online.
Line EAN / Barcode Description You will receive
1 9277291027 Tax Refund 582.88 GGBP
Total 582.88

This is an automated email sent to <your email address>.

Please do not reply to this email as this mailbox is not monitored. 

A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons for example: 

  • Submitting invalid information
  • Applying after the deadline term that is Wednesday 05 April 2017


Here is exact image of email text:

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