March 27, 2016

Trust Seal benefits

The CDS Bureau Trust Seal is given to only qualified businesses that follow our cyber and data security guidelines and secure their customer data. Our member businesses are dedicated to maintaining their customers’ confidentiality.

The CDS Bureau Trust Seal has various benefits including the following: CDS Bureau membership, networking platform, security notifications, business promotion, and listing in our CDS Bureau certified directory. All these benefits are free with the Trust Seal fee . Our competitors provide only two of the above benefits and charge hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly.

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Still not convinced? See more benefits below:

Build Trust – Trust is the most valuable commodity in the business. The CDS Bureau Trust Seal helps building trust between you and your customers. The CDS Bureau Trust Seal gives your customers confidence that their important information will stay protected. Our Trust Seal businesses proudly display their seal on their website and approved facility assuring their customers of good security practices. Only a few qualified businesses that practice our cyber and data security guidelines receive our Trust Seal. Our recommendations are based on latest security standards.
Connect – CDS Bureau provides a platform to network and grow business. Our platform let the Trust Seal certified business interact and share ideas with other cyber and data security savvy CDS Bureau Trust Seal certified businesses. The Trust Seal businesses automatically become part of a larger business community where they can showcase their company information, ask questions, find vendors, find partners, network with probable clients, and keep themselves current with latest cyber and data security threats/scams.
Grow – We want our Trust Seal certified businesses to grow faster in a safe and secured environment. We provide them a platform to network and grow business. They can generate more sales as their customers treat them as trusted vendors. A trusted vendor has higher potential of adding new and retaining existing customers. Clients of a CDS Bureau Trust Seal certified business can access business reviews from previous clients. Positive reviews help businesses to attract more customers and grow their business. We also facilitate security issue resolution between Trust Seal certified businesses and their clients.
Secure – We recommend latest security standards. We follow guidelines provided by several organizations including ISO, IEC 27001 ISMS, SANS, and government. We connect you with partners for various security services and we’ll keep informing you with new cyber threats. You can take survey and get the assessment of your current security, business continuity, and security threat handling state. Practicing our recommendations means you are staying up to date and compliant with all federal, state, and local cyber security rules required to keep your business in good cyber and data security standing.
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