August 7, 2019

Knowledge Management consulting services

If you answer any of the following questions as ‘No’, contact us to explore knowledge management improvement opportunities and enable your associates to accomplish enterprise goals faster.

  • Do your employees get the information they need and know how to use that information?
  • Does your enterprise know the ‘cost of unknown‘ and ‘cost of lost opportunities‘ due to missing or not known information?
  • Does your enterprise know what knowledge it has and where is it available?
  • Do your employees complain about out-dated knowledge?
  • Does your communication reach to the right person and is acknowledged?
  • Are your employees upgrading their skills continuously?
  • Do your employees have and know which learning path to take?
  • Do your employees have platform to share knowledge and collaborate? If yes, do they do it on a regular basis?

CDS Bureau provides turnkey KM solutions that can help you answer the above questions as ‘Yes’ and transform your organization into a KM matured organization. We provide many KM services including the following:

KM Strategy and Business Case Development

Help you build your KM business case, perform current and future state analysis, and define KM strategy to support your employees’ performance and organizational goals.

Knowledge Base Design and Implementation

Setup knowledge base using Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) or other models. Develop the knowledge base to address knowledge storing and retrieval needs.

Knowledge Audit / Knowledge Mapping

Understand what your enterprise needs now and in future, and how can that knowledge be created and made available to your associates.

Communities of Practice (CoP)

Setup CoP infrastructure, processes, and guidelines. Create CoP awareness across the organization. Help CoP program establish to improve collaboration and sharing across your organization.

Jive or SharePoint Consulting

Help deploy, modify, support, and design Jive/SharePoint infrastructure and educate people for better adoption.

KM Initiatives

Identify and address your KM needs through new KM initiatives. Take the initiatives to maturity through better awareness and adoption. A few of the initiatives can be Knowledge Centered Suport (KCS), After Action Review, Best Practices Management, Case Study Management, Lessons Learned Management, Continuous Learning, Communication Improvement, Collaboration & Sharing Infrastructure, Knowledge Management Infrastructure, KM Policies and Guidelines, and many more….

Our proven and unique KM methodologies can help and enterprise accomplish KM maturity faster when typical time is five years. An enterprise must have a sound knowledge management strategy to address the challenges of ever changing technology, people, competition and business. Increasing number of employees will not increase productivity in the same proportion because it will compromise the quality. However, a sound KM strategy can help associates to share, collaborate, learn and grow together.

What got an enterprise to the present level will not take it to the next level! Contact us to explore KM improvement opportunities and prepare your enterprise for the next level.