March 27, 2016

Frequently asked questions

What does CDS stand for?

Answer: CDS stands for Cyber and Data Security.

What is CDSBureau?

Answer: CDSBureau is a membership organization that helps the members to gain their customers’ cyber and data security trust by assuring them of practicing CDSBureau recommended cyber and data security measures.

What is in it for me?

Answer: We provide membership to selected companies which practice CDSBureau recommended membership criteria that helps them secure their business from data theft and cyber attacks. We do intense check and review a firm’s data and cyber security capabilities based on latest industry guidelines. Our membership provides your customers peace of mind and assurance about their data security and thus helps you gain your customers’ trust and grow your business.

How do I get the CDSBureau Membership?

Answer: Your organization needs to practice CDSBureau recommended guidelines to qualify for membership and receive a CDSBureau Trust Seal. You register at our website and submit the membership application. In the application we review your organization’s security measures that include: (a) people’s awareness to handle data and cyber security, (b) facility, (c) network infrastructure hardware, routers, ports, computers etc. (d) software, (e) vendors, (f) application and tools used, and (g) your custom applications. Only qualified organizations receive our membership.

How much does the CDSBureau membership cost?

Answer: Only qualified organizations become CDSBureau member. For latest membership pricing visit pricing.

What if I am not satisfied with the membership?

Answer: You can cancel the membership at any time by emailing us at

How do I cancel my membership?

Answer: Email or call us to cancel your membership.

I have VeriSign or other Trust Seals. Why do I need CDSBureau membership?

Answer: VeriSign encrypts traffic between user and server but it does not ensure that your employees are trained enough to handle user data or cyber security threats. CDSBureau membership criteria asks you to self certify various security measures to ensure that your facility/business is secured enough to handle cyber and data security threats. The CDSBureau membership helps you build trust with your customers.

Do you provide any cyber security training?

Answer: No, we do not offer any training.

Do you do cyber security or data audit?

Answer: No, we do not offer any audit, we are not an audit company.

Do we need to install your software, application, or certificate on our computers?

Answer: No, you do not have to install any software, application, or certificate. But you can display our Trust Seal on your web site and display our certificate in your facility.

Please call us at 571-969-3414 with any concerns not addressed here.