September 18, 2016

Benefits of doing business with a CDS Bureau member business

You’d expose yourself to a data or cyber security risk, if you

  • Share your personal, confidential, or sensitive data with a non CDS Bureau member (non member) business
    • A non member business may not store your data securely.
    • A non member businesses may expose your data during transfer, storage, and sharing with others.
    • A non member may have security when you electronically share data with them but they may not tell you if they encrypt your data during storage or when they share with third parties.
    • A non member may allow access to your data to non authorized personnel.
  • Connect to a public WiFi from a non CDS Bureau member
  • Share your data with another Trust Seal site because other trust seal sites don’t provide end-to-end data and cyber security assurance
  • Share your data with a non CDSB member local business (not a website. For example doctor’s office)

A few reasons to do business with a CDS Bureau member business

  • An ordinary customer is not an expert in cyber and data security. We provide that expertise and help you choose businesses that take cyber and data security seriously.
  • CDS Bureau is only trust seal that is also available to non-website or local businesses.
  • Only a selected few businesses who follow CDS Bureau cyber and data security standards receive our membership.
  • We give membership to only those businesses who provide end-to-end security assurance of their customer data.
  • Our members secure customers data during all electronic transfers, storage, and reporting.
  • Our members provide public WiFi that is encrypted.
  • We stand behind the public for any security and data breach from our members.

More info

Choose a CDS Bureau member business with confidence when you are looking for any businesses including barber, jewellery store, grocery store, car mechanic, car dealer, bank, investment bank, day care, insurer, software company, and retail shop. Because they practice highest level of data and cyber security practices just to safeguard your info that they receive from you.

Your confidential and sensitive information is safe with any CDS Bureau member businesses because all CDS Bureau member businesses follow cyber and data security standards and take precautions to protect your confidential information. Generally, you share your information with a business without knowing that the business will safeguard your information. However, with a CDS Bureau member you can leave that worry behind because our members live by the promise of safeguarding their customer information. Protecting their customers’ information is one of the highest priorities.

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Submit a complaint against a CDS Bureau member

If you have cyber and data security breach issues with any of our members, feel free to email us at or submit a complaint through the contact us page. CDS Bureau will work to resolve your complaint.