January 23, 2018

Cyber security consulting services

Your investment in cyber security prevents accidents and keeps costly mistakes away. Cyber security can address many needs including: Business continuity, customer trust, government policy and procedure compliance, work place security, network and infrastructure security, enterprise application security, and customer data security.

Cyber security is availability, integrity, and secrecy of information systems and networks in the face of attacks, accidents, and failures with the goal of protecting your enterprise operations and assets. Here are 2 most common ways to define cyber security

  • According to the U.S. Dept of Commerce: The protection of information against unauthorized disclosure, transfer, modification, or destruction, whether accidental or intentional.
  • “The vulnerability of any computing system, software program, or critical infrastructure to, or their ability to resist, intentional interference, compromise, or incapacitation through the misuse of, or by unauthorized means of, the Internet, public or private telecommunications systems or other similar conduct that violates Federal, State, or international law, that harms interstate commerce of the United States, or that threatens public health or safety.” – H.R. 4246 “Cyber Security Information Act”

Technology and Internet are playing a very critical role in businesses and individuals lives. Securing your business environment, meeting compliance requirements, protecting your customer sensitive data, and application security are seemingly never ending tasks.

Our security services can help you define governance and compliance policies. We can help you to implement access management, and protect customer sensitive data and secure your applications or infrastructure.

Motivations for Cyber Security

  • Business continuity
  • Customer trust
  • Government policy and procedures
  • Secure work place
  • Secure network and infrastructure
  • Secure code practices
  • Compliance and security policies
  • Mobility and cloud security
  • Payment card industry service

CDS Bureau provides all cyber and data security services including the following:

Cyber Security Strategy Service

Every organization needs security assessment and strategy to stay competitive and avoid costly security breaches.

This service will assess your infrastructure, tools, applications, mobile, cloud, data, and other security needs and define cyber security strategy that is aligned to your short and long term business goals. Our experts will recommend a comprehensive information security strategy that can address your requirements for information protection, incident prevention, detection, and response. We’ll define the strategy based on the organization’s risk and align it with industry best practices.

Safeguarding Service

Safeguarding is less expensive than cure. A small cyber security breach can cost millions of dollars while a safeguarding solution costs just a fraction.

This service will assess your enterprise environment and collaborate with you to safeguard your critical resources. We’ll address enterprise cyber security requirements for information protection, incident prevention, vulnerability detection, and timely response by developing a comprehensive cyber security framework. We’ll also recommend guidelines to secure network architecture, firewall services, data discovery and data loss prevention, application security and code review, PCI data security, and more.

Diagnostics and Prevention Service

Data and infrastructure are virtual. If no forensics are performed, an intruder can stay into your systems undetected for years.

This service will identify cyber security leaks, perform diagnostics, perform cyber forensic analysis, protect resources, perform penetration testing, and implement security measures. We will develop customized road map with detailed project plans, identifying ownership, time lines, and resource allocation for the effective implementation of the security diagnostics and prevention. We’ll work with you to identify, recommend, and select tools to keep your assets safe from cyber threats. We’ll also train your teams in those tools and help them understand cyber security fundamentals.

Monitoring Service

Continuous asset monitoring is very important to take action sooner rather than later to minimize cyber threat vulnerability.

This service will monitor your organization, applications, network infrastructure, data ware house, cloud infrastructure, security events, and network security incidents to avoid potential cyber security threats. This service will help you to make recommendations in monitoring security-related events (network traffic passing through a firewall, IP address, username, time and date, protocol used, port accessed, method of connection, name of device and object name) in real time. Also this will help you analyze (system logs, network logs, web logs, malware protection logs), network intrusion detection systems (NIDS), network intrusion prevention systems (NIPS), and data loss protection (DLP) to investigate and detect potential cyber security incidents.

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