August 6, 2019

DevOps consulting services

DevOps is connecting processes via code automation. This is not new. This has been existing with different names and processes that require lots of manual and duplicate work. DevOps model addresses traditional development life cycle challenges such as ineffective resource utilization, slow development, and discontinuity among processes. These challenges increased cost. delayed go to market strategies, and impacted competitiveness.

DevOps implementation is a challenging and complex project. Our experts can simplify the implementation by assessing current state, defining target state, defining strategy, changing processes, changing employee skills, stakeholders buy-in, and synchronizing various departments.

Motivations for DevOps

  • Improve Time to Market time
  • Improve quality
  • Improve customer experience
  • Minimize deployment downtime
  • Improve collaboration between development and operations
  • Accelerate software development life cycle
  • Improve source code management and quality
  • improve configuration management
  • Promote continuous integration
  • Improve operational efficiency

DevOps Strategy Service

DevOps touches and changes various parts of your organization. You need a strategy to manage the change and align it with overall business strategy.

This service will assess your current state and define a business-aligned DevOps strategy that will help you manage the change, get stakeholders buy-in, address process bottlenecks, address pain-points, improve business agility, accelerate product development, accommodate change quickly, and drive productivity. This service will also focus on improving collaboration among teams and breaking down the wall among business, developers, and operations.

Process Setup and Adoption Service

DevOps defines new processes and changes existing ones. All stakeholders and employees need to be on board and support new processes for the DevOps success.

This service will help you assess current processes, define and implement new DevOps processes, and ensure DevOps adoption. We”ll define processes for cultural shift in operations team that can also make developers more responsible for their code, throughout the full life cycle by test automation. This service will pilot processes, review their performance, and test them to ensure desired results. We”ll collaborate with your teams and educate them for improved process adoption.

Tools Selection and Migration Service

Tools must address the business needs and align to existing workforce skills. DevOps migration requires careful planing for its overall success.

This service will assess your existing tools, identify business needs, understand people”s skills, and recommend tools that are best suited to address your DevOps needs. We”ll collaborate with the stakeholders to finalize and acquire new tools. We”ll standardize and optimize tools for your entire organization. We”ll train your employees in new tools including (but not limited to) JIRA Portfolio, JIRA Agile, Eclipse, Selenium ,Jenkins, Chef, Doker, Splunk, and Ansible. We”ll also work with your teams to migrate them to new tools.

Automation Service

Process automation is one of the major components of DevOps. This removes manual processes to save time and avoid human errors.

This service will customize your environment and configure tools to automate your existing processes and environments. Our team will transform infrastructure operations to code. We”ll automate testing, CI / CD pipeline, and application deployment. We”ll implement continuous testing and setup configuration management. We”ll test the automated processes and customized tools to ensure their integrity. We”ll educate relevant teams in new automated infrastructure and processes.