April 20, 2016

The CDS Bureau

CDS Bureau is established the year of 2016 in the United States to promote a secure digital world and connecting most trusted cyber and data security businesses globally.

It is a membership organization which provides membership to selected companies and businesses who follow the membership criteria that helps them secure their facility and business from data theft and hackers. We do intense check and review a firm’s data and cyber security capabilities based on latest industry guidelines.

CDS Bureau the choice for international cyber and data security businesses dedicated to advancing business growth, managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure. It enhances the knowledge of cyber and data security threats, in addition, to protecting from all type of cyber security threats.

Our vision is to bring all secured businesses together and be the most trusted cyber security checks valuator. CDS Bureau conducts business with integrity and lives the company values.

We organize and provide conferences, meetings, seminars that offer knowledge about security threats, preventive measures and, provide access to information through the CDS Bureau website, online newsletters as well as monthly journal.

We have offices in Washington DC, Seattle WA, and Atlanta GA with an offshore Asia pacific office in New Delhi, India.