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We help organizations to address their business needs and upgrade their workforce skills. Contact us to review the advantages of our unique custom services.
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KM, IT, Software (Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Applications, AI, Big Data, DevOps, Web & Mobile Apps). More...



Our targeted custom training upgrades technical skills. Also, client-training infused consulting helps the delivered solutions.



We provide unique certifications . Our member self-certified Trust Seal helps to gain customers’ trust and secure business.



CDS Bureau global community provides Q & A and information to safeguard individual or enterprise information. More...

Does your Consulting Service provider upgrade your employees' skills? CDS Bureau does!!

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Your Success is Our Mission. Period.

CDS Bureau consulting methodology ensures optimum enterprise/software solution. Our 'training infused consulting' trains your staff for future maintenance of the delivered solution. Also, we provide unique subscription based lifetime support to the delivered solution.

Our custom targeted training and certifications are unique and designed for specific enterprise needs.

Only a few privileged businesses that self certify and use our cyber, data, and privacy security guidelines receive our free Trust Seal with several unique benefits.

  • Address enterprise needs plus train your associates

  • Let us upgrade your organizational skills

  • Let us certify your employee talent pool

  • Subscription and community based support


to connect the right person with the right information at the right time! More info

KM Strategy

Success driven KM Strategy Consulting services
KM Strategy is the foundation of your KM program success. We can help you define your KM strategy that can drive the success of your organization. We ensure that KM strategy is aligned to your business strategy and helps accomplishing business goals.

Communities of Practice

Improve collaboration and sharing through CoP services
CoPs are backbone of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and dissemination of information. We can help you setup CoP infrastructure, educate employees to run CoPs, and change organization culture to increase CoP participation and deliver tangible results.

KCS and KM Initiatives

Address Knowledge gaps through KCS and KM initiatives service
CDS Bureau can address your knowledge gaps through various KM initiatives including Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), knowledge bases, content management, lessons learned management system, continuous learning, onboarding automation, and ideation.


CoP Program Manager and CoP Manager certifications
Our comprehensive customized training and certification will help your employees to learn the finer details of a CoP program, a CoP, and how to ensure the program / CoP success. Our training comes with real life scenario support so trainees can work with us to solve their real life CoP issues.

Certified Community of Practice Manager and Certified Cyber Security Aware Employee certifications are unique!!

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