UTILITYPLANINC.COM 50% off Utility Bill Scam

50% utility / loan /mortgage / discount bill is a scam. Stay away from them and don’t share any information. They are operating from Lahore, Pakistan. And only target Indian origin Hindi/Panjabi speaking people. You can easily test them by asking any Hindu religion related questions.

NOTE: If you have transferred money to their US/Australian/UK bank account, please share that information with the law enforcement agency / FBI as soon as possible. Report them to the FBI through https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx.

CDS Bureau published an article on UTILITYPLANSINC.COM. That article forced scammers to shut down their site but they launched a new site with a new domain UTILITYPLANINC.COM. Letter ‘s’ is missing from the newer one. But everything else is exactly same. One of their phone numbers is 559-753-2712.

CDS Bureau did the investigation and found that they copied previous website and published with new domain. They are using stolen images from the Internet. This website also has its founder as James John. His photograph is from bentley.edu. Supervisor Rohan Verma’s photograph is of Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah. And the list goes on.

This domain was registered on Feb 4, 2020, but the website claims that they have been in business since 2010. It appears that these scammers are running this scam since 2010. They normally speak in Punjabi or Urdu and target South Asian communities of USA. They are based out of Lahore, Pakistan.

Anyone can make payment to your account with your account information and later reverse that payment. Never fall for them. They try to build trust by talking in Punjabi or Urdu. They recently hired very cunning sales girls whose only focus is to scam money out of a victim. Don’t fall for their soft and friendly tone.

CDS Bureau highly recommends to avoid their call and NEVER share your information with them. If you share your mobile phone account information, they can register their own phone in your name and do irreversible damage to your bank account and personal information. CDS Bureau can not publish all the details due to our responsibility towards general consumers. But if you have been a victim, email us at contact(at)cdsbureau.com to know more about your options.

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10 thoughts on “UTILITYPLANINC.COM 50% off Utility Bill Scam

    • Have you ever tried to call the police to check his Drivers License id? Samething happen with us. I was getting the calls from them about a year. Then I thought maybe I can try. I gave them my phone bill to pay $500. And after he sent me the confirmation was shows my bill was paid then I paid him $250. But after 14 days later they reveres the payment. I called the same guy and told him thwt why you reveres the payment? He said he’s going to call his boss and get with me. Then they paid again and told me the card was expired so, that’s why the phone company has not eccepted. I said ok. But now after 12 days later they reveres the money again and stopped answering my calls.

  • Same thing happen with me. Once of the guy named as Sunny has tried to contact me several times on my phone with his cell number 559-413-3249 and he called me from last one year and keep telling me that he is going to give me 50 % discount on all kinds bills (Credit Card, Utility, Phone, internet, mortgage, Auto loan etc) bills and i asked him why he is giving me this much discount what is his profit and he told me that its not his profit he is working with company called https://www.ussavingexpert.com/. Below is their address listed on website as follows:-

    For any inquiries, please call us:
    +1 818-233-8833

    our Head-office address:
    8550 Balboa Blvd – 2nd Floor, North Ridge CA 91325

    He said his company give him lot of coupons for 2 to 3 days which got expired after 2 to 3 days so they need to use those coupons to do the payments which we do by paying bills of our clients like you and this will benefit to our clients by reducing bill for upto 50 % and he told me that he will pay the full amount of my credit card bill and i just need to give him half the amount of that bill by depositing them on their bank accounts in wells Fargo, Chase or Bank of America. I asked him his Drivers license copy and he provided me that and then I gave him my credit card and he paid off my bill by saying that this is a confirmation number of your payment. I am not going to deposite the money in their bank account after i searched all this on this website for ussavingexpert.com because this is complete scam and will see if he reverse the money from the account for which he paid. This looks like completely a scam. How come this is true their is no written contract or anything happen b/w us.

  • I live in Canada and obviously they are calling here. Said his name was Sundae and gave me same storey of paying my bills and I have to pay them only 50%. I told him it sounds too good to be true and probably is so have to check into his company etc. He gave me his company’s name and even his phone number (to my surprise). So upon checking I found these other stories
    Thanks for putting them up here and follow the saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is a scam”. Still holds true

  • I have been getting call from couple of days. I knew it may be scam like who will pay 50% of the bill for no reason but thought to investigate as caller were speaking hindi. I asked them to send an email so that I can investigate them further and stumble upon this post.

    I was getting call from 510-426-7936 and I blocked the number.

  • Okay I first received a call from https://www.utilityplaninc.com/ and that they would pay my utility bill and then I pay half to them like i get 50% off the bill. I knew it was a scam and decided to give it a try and gave a bill for them to pay and the guy told me that I will receive a call from their accounting department to confirm the details the following day and indeed i got a call and this was to confirm my bill details and I said you must have all those details as I’ve already provided it to the first person and then the person told me yes but wanted to confirm and said he’s from us saving expert and that they would be paying the bill (https://www.ussavingexpert.com/) and this was again a red flag. I still provided the details another time and he confirmed that my bill would be paid and after confirming it from my company i will have to pay it after 12 hours. The next day i received a call to let me know that the bill was paid and to check and i said i will and checked and it was paid but i delayed stating it to them for obvious reasons. I kept getting calls and sms messages that i need to pay the half and i said I will pay it back in a few days and they were like that’s not the agreement and that i have to pay it now. I said i need the time and lo and behold the following day the amount paid was reversed and it was from JPM chase back acct and I got penalized from my financial institution for a payment that was reversed. This is what exactly would have happened if I had paid them 50% of the bill and then they would reverse the payment they did on your bill and now you are out of the money that you pay them and you will owe the utility/financial company the money and you are out of the money you paid them and I just wanted to be sure that this how their modus operandi (how they operated) was. I received calls from various number but have a few here listed here like 747-215-5019, 415-455-3756, 408-713-9912 and all different names so i’m not listing the names here as it will keep changing. IF you are Hindu they will use hindu names and i’m sure if you are a muslim they will use muslim names. Just be careful and all of these are big time scam callers.

  • What if you do not give them your phone account? You give them your monthly rent bill or car bill that has minimal information like your address and the account no.

  • One guy from there named sunny has been texting me off what he says is his personal phone number after I got as much info from him as I could to look up and see if it was a scam after telling him I know what there doing and I was going to report them and get them in trouble he started cussing at me and telling me he would meet me some were and it wouldn’t be good knowing full well he dose not have any of my personal information (dosent know my name or were I live ) I asked…. I went on to tell him ok if this is not a scam I’ll be contacting your boss and telling them how you cussed at me and told me to f*** off after than he started to apologize and beg me not to told me he was taking number off call list than started texting me (kinda creepy btw )

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