TheDiscountInc.COM 50% off Utility Bill Scam

CDS Bureau published two articles on 50% off utility bill scam. Now these scammers have launched another site This site is not same as the other ones but operated by the same scammers because it has same (but fake) physical address and copied from site is now out of service. domain name was registered in Jan 23, 2020, while the site claims that the business is in existence since 2005.

This site now offers investment and insurance services also. These services are scam. CDS Bureau highly recommends not to share any information with them and send no money to them. If you apply a loan with them, you’ll compromise your identity.

The following information is fake:

US Address: 19651 Nordhoff Way Northridge CA 91324
Canada Address: 61 Wild cat road Toronto, ON M3J 2P5
Phone Numbers: (747) 236-2629, and (213) 802-6778
Email: (scammers copied the site and forgot to update this email address)

They are operating from Lahore, Pakistan and speak Punjabi or Urdu. They target South Asian communities in US and Canada. When they call they talk in your mother tongue to gain your confidence. Recently they hired a few female operators also. Don’t fall for their soft and friendly tone. When they call, you can hear many scammers trying to scam people in the background.

Anyone can make payment to your account with your account information and later reverse that payment. Never fall for them. They try to build trust by talking in Punjabi or Urdu. They recently hired very cunning sales girls whose only focus is to scam money out of a victim.

CDS Bureau highly recommends to avoid their call and NEVER share your information with them. If you share your mobile phone account information, they can register their own phone in your name and do irreversible damage to your bank account and personal information. CDS Bureau can not publish all the details due to our responsibility towards general consumers. But if you have been a victim, email us at contact(at) to know more about your options.

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