TheDiscountInc.COM 50% off Utility Bill Scam

50% utility / loan /mortgage / discount bill is a scam. Stay away from them and don’t share any information. They are operating from Lahore, Pakistan. And only target Indian origin Hindi/Panjabi speaking people in USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. You can easily test them by asking any Hindu religion related questions.

NOTE: If you have transferred money to their US/Australian/Canada/UK bank account, please share that information with the law enforcement agency / FBI as soon as possible. Report them to the FBI through

CDS Bureau published two articles on 50% off utility bill scam. Now these scammers have launched another site This site is not same as the other ones but operated by the same scammers because it has same (but fake) physical address and copied from site is now out of service. domain name was registered in Jan 23, 2020, while the site claims that the business is in existence since 2005.

This site now offers investment and insurance services also. These services are scam. CDS Bureau highly recommends not to share any information with them and send no money to them. If you apply a loan with them, you’ll compromise your identity.

The following information is fake:

US Fake Address: 19651 Nordhoff Way Northridge CA 91324
Canada Fake Address: 61 Wild cat road Toronto, ON M3J 2P5
Australia Fake Address: 228 James St, Northbridge, WA 6003
Phone Numbers: (747) 236-2629, and (213) 802-6778, (02) 4017-1275, (510) 513-8267, (510) 335-0478, +61 (08) 6146-3102, +61 (08) 6102-0763, +61 (02) 4017-1275
Email: (scammers copied the site and forgot to update this email address)


When they call, they talk in your mother tongue to gain your confidence. Recently they hired a few female operators. Don’t fall for their soft and friendly tone. When they call, you can hear many scammers trying to scam people in the background.

Anyone can make payment to your account with your account information and later reverse that payment. Never fall for them. They try to build trust by talking in Punjabi or Urdu. They recently hired very cunning sales girls whose only focus is to scam money out of a victim.

CDS Bureau highly recommends to avoid their call and NEVER share your information with them. If you share your mobile phone account information, they can register their own phone in your name and do irreversible damage to your bank account and personal information. CDS Bureau can not publish all the details due to our responsibility towards general consumers. But if you have been a victim, email us at contact(at) to know more about your options.

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24 thoughts on “TheDiscountInc.COM 50% off Utility Bill Scam

  • Just get call from nimal.647 694 1840
    She was speaking Hindi in punjabi accent.Blocking them whenever i get call from them

  • Yeah I got a call from as well today. Thank God i did my research and read all these comments/reviews about their scam. Thank God i did not fall prey to their scam and did the research before jumping into it.

    Thanks heaps guys for your feedback, you have saved me.

  • They are targeting people from Pakistan, India who speak Urdu or Punjabi. I am from pakistan and I have been getting these calls for a while now. They offer 50% off on all bills, they will not ask for any other information except your Bill and once they paid your bill they will ask for repayment.
    This is a SCAM, they will probably use STOLEN CREDIT CARDS to pay your bills. These payment will be reversed in few months time once the Credit Card owner registers a dispute with their bank, you will lose money which you transfer to these scammers. DO NOT Send your bills to them.

  • Thanks for details, i was about to trap in this scam, they said that they have deposited amount and it was never updated in my account. they asked me to pay 50%.. i shared with them this link and they said that with all service provider they have negative feedback !!!
    they talk in hindi, always whatsapp call so not calling from locally and the address is showing gas station so they told they have office next to it.
    all caller names were Rahul etc and when they have asked to transfer money they gave below name.

    Bank : Bank of America
    A/c : 381060092858
    Name : rabiya shauket

    i am receiving call from

    1 (732) 800-8372
    Discount zone Inc

    IT CAN BE 50 40 30 even 20 percent %
    This scammer call you either on what’s app or normal call or any platform.
    But funds of scamming people is same.
    They are targeting community or friends group.
    Be aware and spread as much as you can. Awareness is only the key to stop this type of scammers.
    If you get call just don’t answer. Or just cut in short.
    This people are scamming a lot of people.
    Be aware.
    There name can be Asif or Kabir
    Ahemed or Abhi
    Raj or parmbir
    Can be Alex or Rohit or can be girl also.
    They have there web sites there Legal business no. It’s all trap.
    Dont trust this scammer.

  • I have been in touch with them for the last couple of weeks. They havent asked for any account details but asked for bills. They have paid my bills and then I have contacted the authorities to make sure my account is clear before I pay them 50% of the bills.
    It does sound dodgy and the scheme does not make sense at all.I will not deal with them anymore to be on the safe side.

  • This scammers got now new website call

    They keep changing there names but it’s only one person with different name.

    They are very experts to get you trust.

    And then they take your money.


    And if possible report to police ASAP.
    Give their all possible details and accounts no too to the police and legal authorities.
    Your act can expose this scammers to the world and spread awareness.

  • I received so many call from these number. They are scammers.


    First they said to me make money order or cashier check and then we’ll send you the account information of Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

    Do not trust they are fraud.

  • 50% discount the discount zone inc
    Is fraud
    Don’t trust
    I got call from vikram rohit kabir
    Bills get reversed after some time and you lost your money
    +61 8 6102 8567
    +61 8 6102 0763
    +61 2 4017 1275
    +61 8 6102 8068

    Don’t get trapped
    It’s fraud people.
    The discount zone inc

    • Initially they call with Indian names and later they will give an account name with Muslim name and will ask you to deposit money order in there account. If you cancel the payment they will say they have your account information and will cancel the service. Never share any account details with them

      • This scam is targeting only Indian origin Hindi/Punjabi speaking people. They have been operating for the last 10-15 years from Lahore, Pakistan. They have local support to get cash. If you know local account details, please share with the law enforcement / FBI to get these scammers nabbed.

  • Yes they are fraud and money laundering people God knows where they use this money and from where they get money
    Possible and may be not lwa abide people

    • Yes they are fraud and money laundering people God knows where they use this money and from where they get money
      Possible and may be not lwa abide people

    • They are fraud
      Web site is
      They got many Australian landline phone no. And contact you through what’s up application.
      Advice is don’t get trapped. What ever they says it’s fraud. And they will scam you.
      Possible they can hack you bank accounts also.
      Name are very true but not real.
      (Raj vikram rohit kabir prem sukdev Abhishek . And so many.
      Do not trust this people they can approach you to pay your bills. Personal loan they can get you car in very cheap rate, Home items any thing.
      But they are not doing right thing.
      Possibly involved in money laundering and terrorism funding. But they are definitely scammers and fraud activity handler.
      Do not trust.

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