21 thoughts on “50% utility bill discount offer from Discount Zone is a scam

  • They called me few times in Australia from local landline and WhatsApp msg received as well. Guy is from Punjab Pakistan. I nearly believed him until I searched for these reviews.
    He was so humble and convincing..

  • Yes here in Australia they doing same thing pay your bill then ask you 50% to deposit in Australia account. I don’t know where I can report

  • This has started big time in Australia now and we are receiving 4-5 calls a day. Best to ignore these calls. If you ask them to not call, they get aggressive.

  • Hi CDS Bureau

    I received such call and advise me that i dont have to share any personal details, I thought he was just wasting my time so just for the caller to stop chasing i send him a bill payment details and he end up paying the bill, so i went that Government organisation to confirm and I found that it was really paid. He asked me to send the payment so I sent him a fake receipt and he accepted it. I also reported it to bank he gave me details of to their fraud and money Laundering Team. They advise me just to cease communication with them. So I did. Will I be held responsible for any kind of theft or financial fraud

    • You should be OK, if you told your bank. However CDS Bureau is not in a position to provide any legal suggestions and would recommend to discuss this with local consumer protection organization.

      The scammers are operating from Lahore, Pakistan and can’t initiate a complaint in USA, Europe, or Australia. If they do, then report them to CDS Bureau so we can bring them to justice.

  • They can swap the card to pay your bills and with in 6 month it will be charge back. If they ask you to make Money order or Pay order and also deposit to chase, BOA and other US bank account and you are done. You lost your money if you do the police complaint then also you loose your money.

  • Yes they are scammers hakkers they paid toff to my credit card after 10 days disappeared everything don’t believe them I paid 50 % to there account I went to police station filled the report let’s see what can they do

  • Complete scam. They have many spin offs of this like utilityplansinc.com etc these websites are new and they keep changing. They operate from Pakistan as the ascent sounds

    • Call your credit card company and dispute all unknown charges and ask for a new credit card immediately. Scammers now have your most details, so stay vigilant about any suspicious activity. Keep reviewing your postal mail and review credit reports periodically.

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