Alert! iPhone Text Message Scam

Hackers are sending malicious text messages to iPhones. These text messages look like from Apple Inc and ask to click on a link to activate the locked account.

The message are like:

(Apple Center): Your device user-ID associated with <…….> has ben locked due to failed login attempts. Tap <URL ending with hVDThF> for validation.

This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. You must unlock your account before signing in. Unlock Account Link.

As soon as the recipient clicks the URL they start collecting personal information through the phony website or get information from the iPhone cash memory.


  • NEVER click on any links listed in these phony messages.
  • Never provide/enter any user name and password to any website unless you are 100% sure about the website URL.
  • Call the Apple Customer service and ensure that your account is safe.
  • You MUST save Apple Customer Service number in your phone book.
  • Never search for a Apple or Bank or Government phone numbers through a search engine because scammers setup phony websites and list their numbers there; they can improve their search indexing and come on top of searched results.
  • Always use website bookmarks to go to your bank or Apple website.

Visiting a malicious website can compromise your phone and personal information and can result in loss of reputation, identity, and wealth.

Stay Cautious and Safe on Internet!!! And keep reading CDSBureau updates.

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