Scammers using FedEx phone number 201-413-1324 for phishing or scam

Latest FedEx package scam

Scammers are calling people from 201-413-1324 phone number. This appears to be a genuine FedEx number, but somehow either they are able to fake their caller id to a FedEx number or a few FedEx associates might be misusing it. CDSBureau does not know the origin of these calls but scammers’ caller ID shows this number. Scammers are asking people to verify their information like name, phone type – land line or mobile, and address. If you don’t fall prey to their scam, they get abusive and start harassing you. They tell people that there is a package from xyz US government agency where xyz could be any government law enforcement agency. They tell that the recipient must verify their information to receive this package. No matter how hard you try, the scammers would not share the tracking number or their name.

Scammers’ sole purpose is to verify your information for the following purposes:

  • Find a time when you are away from your house so they could break-in
  • They already have your SSN and date of birth information but they need to verify your current address so they can open credit accounts in your name
  • They can sell your information on dark web
  • They’d ask for money, and give reason that government did not pay for the postage

What you should do:

If anyone pretending to be from FedEx, UPS, USPS, or any other postal/courier service and says that s/he has packet for you, then ask for her/his name and package tracking number.

  1. A genuine caller would give you a tracking number and his/her name. A FedEx employee will always share the tracking number and his/her name.
  2. A Scammer will never give you his/her name and package tracking number. NEVER verify or give the scammers any information like your phone, name, or address. And NEVER call a number that a scammer would give you.
  3. If you got tracking number, go to the FedEx or carrier website and find about the packet. If this packet is delivered to your city, then call carrier directly (get carrier phone number from its website) and ask if there are any issues with the packet. Also, confirm that this packet is for you. Sometimes, the scammers would ship a letter and share its tracking number but that letter might be addressed to someone else.
  4. Block the scammers’ phone number to prevent future calls.
  5. Never indulge in any conversations or arguments with the scammers.

If you experienced anything like this, join CDSBureau community or contact us with the information and help saving others from Cyber criminals.

December 2018 Update: A reader informed to receive a call from 719-629-2686 number.  This number may be from a genuine person but scammer can change their caller id to be any number. Be alert and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Scammers using FedEx phone number 201-413-1324 for phishing or scam

  • I am receiving texts from a Todd claiming to be from FedEx wanting to set up a delivery time and place. The cell number being used is: (332) 228-7213.
    Thank you.

  • This is my outgoing landline message: “Hi. If you’re a Fedex scammer, shove that package up your ass. Otherwise, leave a message. Thank you.” They have stopped calling.

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